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24H PEST PROST Georgia | Does Permethrin Kill Bed Bugs? Is it Safe and Effective? (2022 Update)

Sep 22


Do you have a bed bug problem? If so, does permethrin kill bed bugs? The answer is yes only using it in combination with other pesticides improves its effectiveness to a certain point.

It is used for eliminating bed bugs by permanently damaging their brain systems until death. It is effective but pesticides will not penetrate furniture or kill bed bugs.

You can get that from the ingredient list for nearly any bed bug spray product.

In this article, we will discuss what permethrin does and how it can be used in conjunction with other treatments for the effective elimination of your bed bugs infestation.


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What is Permethrin for bed bugs?

Permethrin is a synthesized pesticide also called a broad-spectrum insecticide. They can thus be used for killing a broad variety of insects, like bed bugs.

The treatment occurs from contacts or injections. It is used in many places including insecticides spraying by mobile devices.

This product may be also used as a cream or lotion to kill scabies - a condition not prescribed on bedding bugs but for scabies.

Permethrin is now part of the class of chemical pyrethroids. These chemical compounds were created to simulate pyrethrins.

These are natural products produced by some chrysanthemum species.

What is Permethrin for bed bugs`

Prallethrin vs permethrin

Prallethrin and permethrin have similar uses in killing bed bugs but concentrate instead on different species.

Permethrin is generally used to thwart insect bites because it has a greater effect on the body.

Both medicines are available in cream form therefore you can easily apply them throughout the day.

Bed bugs are a large issue in most houses and for these purposes, they should be treated with spraying permethrin.

You don't have to compare them now that you only have to see how they affect both things and pick from the best according to the composition shown that repellents inhibit pests that are widely visible in your home - which is the best product for your bed bug infestations.


They can mistakenly be confused for the carpet-beetles German cockroaches, ticks, and fleas.

Before controlling bed bugs with permethrin, it is important that you correctly identify bed bugs.

If you are not sure if you have bed bugs or another type of insect, consult a professional for help to identify a bed bug.

Bed bugs are spread by laying eggs in the seams of clothing or upholstery. They also lay their eggs around baseboards and other areas where they gather at night for feeding on humans while we sleep.

They can be found in and around beds, including mattresses, box springs, linen, and pillows.

How does Permethrin affect bed bugs?

Insecticide resistance can develop within the broader population in pesticide overuse or improper use when insecticide is employed for pest management or breeding.

This leads to the emergence of insecticide-resistant bacteria. As more bugs in this species die because of being sprayed, resistance populations grow until they become dominant strains.

At that point, pest controllers begin noticing that when they spray an area with a trusted pesticide that's always worked it suddenly does not work.

Pesticide resistance has become a factor in the population and the pesticide companies have to begin researching other pesticides to replace the ones that no longer work, and to find something better.

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Does Permethrin kill bed bugs away?

Bed bug treatments encourage bed bugs to spread throughout your house not only on your bedspread.

No repellent can stop the bite. In this case, it was known as an avoidance response.

Higher bed bug activity in the presence of toxic substances helps to get rid bed bugs. This was discovered in various insects including bed bugs.

It was about cockroaches. In a way, they were initially captured by sugar pellets that were slaughtered with bait but their effectiveness over time was less than due to natural selection.

This is comparable to the reaction of an insect-based on permethrin which is shown to work effectively on insects.

The bed bug repellents may be a good idea from the outside. In addition, bed bug repellents encourage the spread of bed bugs outside of the mattress.

Permethrin Health Risks

Permethrin is on the WHO-recommended medical essential medications list. It causes mild irritation and a blistering sensation when being put on the skin.

People can't absorb it in their environments or are applied to them. FDA regulations recommend use by a child as late as six months.

The reason it is not toxic is that the human body has the ability to break it up. It ends up in the liver and can escape via its urine.

But you must avoid touching your eyes, your skin, or clothes and should wash thoroughly after handling and avoid breathing in any solution.

There's no harm involved if they can't. And that's the safest.

Is Permethrin safe for children?

There's one short way to use permethrin. Keep your own directions on the can. Animal studies are studying the chronic toxic effect of the drugs.

It has been shown to affect fertility in pregnant rats when taken in daily doses of 250 mg/kg. This indicates during pregnancy you may be particularly prone to permethrin.

Another study shows the effects were unproven. It isn't said to cause alterations or alter an embryo's development.

Permethrin apparently doesn't improve the embryo's development as well. For instance, it is shown to interfere with embryo development when it is ingested as 500 mm/kg.


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