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What you need to know about hiring a housekeeper

Oct 8

Before allowing a stranger to your home, you need to be prepared to answer questions and work out the details. This is a trusting relationship, much like when you hire a contractor, babysitter, or income-tax preparer.

Jana S., a Redmond resident, says that she was initially reluctant to hire someone to clean her house. "I was raised in Wisconsin, and it was a source of pride to do that myself. It was overwhelming for me and my husband when we had our second baby.
"So, we hired the same housekeeper."

There are two types of housekeepers. One is independent and the other is a company. Independent contractors can be responsible for work eligibility and withholding taxes.

For your protection, ensure that the cleaner is insured and bonded. Bonding can help if the cleaner causes damage to your home. However, an insured worker will protect you from liability for any on-the-job injuries.

A cleaning service may arrange weekly visits. If you don't have children or pets, a cleaning service might only visit your home once every two weeks. A few people hire a housekeeper only once a year. This is usually before the holiday season, which can be very busy, in November. It is common to hire a housekeeper once a year before moving.

What should you expect from your housekeeper?

Although services can be negotiated, many housekeepers won't clean exterior windows. Some people are not comfortable with heights. House Cleaning Redmond Oregon will offer services that you may not have thought of. They will pick up and fold clothes, which is a great benefit for teenagers. They are usually willing to wash and dry clothes, as well as hand-wash dishes.

Accidents can happen. However, bonded services such as ours will cover normal accidents like a mop handle accidentally hitting something.

These are some tips to help you hire a housekeeper.

Questions to Ask: Do references exist for the housekeeper? Do they have references?

Children and pets: Are the cleaners allergic to your pets? Children and housekeepers should be able to communicate well if they are going to be present in the home. (The housekeeper should not assume the role of babysitter. The children should not be underfoot during the work.

Equipment and products: You can choose what products you use if you hire an independent contractor. Ask the company about the products they use if they provide the housekeeper. These cleaners are more environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The cleaner will usually provide a stool, vacuum, and other equipment.



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